5 Ways To Address Your Job Insecurities in a BPO Company

5 Ways To Address Your Job Insecurities in a BPO Company

It is common for professionals to experience moments of doubt or stress related to their jobs. It is also important to understand your job insecurities and what causes them so you can find ways to address them, which can help you continue to be satisfied with your BPO career. If you are someone who feels insecure at work, there are ways you can overcome those feelings and build confidence in your skills and abilities.

In this article, we will explain what the job insecurities are in a BPO company and provide a list on how to address and resolve them. 

What are job insecurities?

Job insecurities are feelings that cause agents to have doubts about their goals, relationships, and performance in the workplace. These insecurities are usually temporary, and agents may experience them at different times throughout their careers. By understanding what causes your workplace insecurities, you’ll have ways to address them effectively. Overcoming your job insecurities can help you gain confidence in your skills, understand the value of your work, and find more enjoyment in your job.

1. Salary

It is possible to feel insecure about your financial situation. You may desire to earn more money or compare yourself to others you work with. Keep in mind that your manager has a sliding pay scale in place that determines your salary based on various factors, such as your level of experience, the length of time you’ve worked there, and the nature of your work.

If you believe you deserve to make more money, have a discussion with your manager and state your desired salary increase. Support your request with specific examples of work achievements and ways you’ve helped your team or company.

2. Workload

Many professionals can feel insecure at times about their ability to manage their workload. If you are having trouble finishing your work, remind yourself that you’re doing your best. Often, you will feel more productive in the next day or two and will be able to complete your work then. If you struggle to finish your task, be open and honest with your manager or your coworkers about how much you can accomplish in a day or a week. They can support you by sharing or delegating part of your responsibilities because they are probably unaware that you are feeling insecure.

3. Recognition

If you put in a lot of effort without getting credit for it, you could feel insecure at work. There are ways to let your team or management know you’d like to be recognized more if this occurs. Recognizing colleagues for their efforts will help you set an example for others to follow. Give someone a compliment in a meeting or send an email to a coworker complimenting them on a job well done. By showing this appreciation for others, you boost the chances that others will appreciate your efforts, too.

If you’d like to receive more direct feedback from your manager about your performance, there are ways you can initiate it. Schedule a meeting with your manager or give them a status report on a task or project you are working on. Tell your manager that you feel confident in your work and would like to know their thoughts about it. This is a good way to get feedback without asking for it directly.

4. Relationships

Some agents may feel insecure about their work relationships with coworkers, clients, or managers. By working to strengthen your connections with other people, you can get over this insecurity. Ensure that you are presenting a positive attitude in all of your interactions at work. By being kind and respectful to others, you can ensure that others will reciprocate. Engage in active listening when conversing with people and respect their ideas and viewpoints. This can help you build trust with others, which can lead to positive relationships.

To establish relationships that go beyond the job, it can be beneficial to communicate with employees outside of the workplace. Ask one or more members of your team if they would like to go out for coffee or attend an event with you. By interacting with your coworkers outside of the office, you can create new friendships that will improve your job satisfaction and happiness.

5. Success of others

When other people at work succeed, you could feel insecure. This is a natural reaction that you can take steps to manage. Avoid comparing yourself to the person who is succeeding. Instead, focus on your own achievements and the goals you have for your future. Remembering your past successes can remind you that you’re a valuable employee with many skills and qualifications.

Be supportive and gracious to others when they succeed at work, and congratulate them on their accomplishments. Keeping a positive attitude can make you feel better about the situation. The next time you have success in your role, others may remember your positivity and show you the same behavior.