6 things you should do the day before you apply for a job

6 things you should do the day before you apply for a job

Benjamin Franklin once said “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”. This also applies when you are applying for a job. How well you are prepared for your exams and interviews will determine the outcome of your job application. Here are 6 things you should be doing the day before your scheduled application.

1. Rest

The mind and the body performs at its peak when it is well rested. So it is recommended that you don’t engage in any kind of strenuous activity the day before your job application. Drinking is definitely a big no-no because you would definitely fail your job application when you have a hangover.

2. Netflix and chill

The day before your job application you should be doing all the things that gives you pleasure. This would help get your mind and body to a relaxed state free from stress. If you are relaxed and well rested you would definitely perform better in your job application.

3. Get your stuff ready

It is the same concept when you go on vacation, you pack your bags and stuff the day before you leave. This ensures you don’t forget anything important like, let’s say your passport? Of course, when applying for a job there are certain things you don’t want to forget like your resume, vaccination cards or your confidence. If you fail to bring any of these items to your interview you would end up cancelling your application. You’ll be lucky if that company allows you to reschedule. They would normally give your slot to the next available applicant if you cancel.

4. Review your resume

Your recruitment specialist would most likely ask you questions that can be answered by reading your resume. You might be wondering why they do this, well most likely they are just checking if you actually wrote your resume yourself. They want to be sure that all the information printed on your resume are factual and one way to check is if you are familiar with all the contents of your resume. When asked about something like an event in your life, you would most likely forget something that didn’t actually happen right?

5. Gather information on the company you will be applying to

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. This is from the Art of war by Sun Tzu. This quote means if you have information on your enemy, in this case the company you are applying for, then winning against them or in this case getting hired should be easy.

6. Pray

Most Filipinos are Christians so we do believe in a higher power in some form or another. In everything we do from having meals to laying our departed relatives to rest we make sure to Pray to our Lord and give thanks and asks for wisdom and blessings in everything we do. Even if you are not 100% a believer it is worth a try.