5 Tips For The Graveyard Shift

Call Center Graveyard Shift

   Working at night and working in the call center goes hand in hand. And adjusting to the work schedule can be pretty tricky, but it’s doable. There are about 1.3 Filipinos working in the BPO sector, and many thrive even during the graveyard shift.

Night Shift

  The graveyard shift or the night shift means working somewhere between 10 PM and 6 AM. It can be pretty difficult for many because our bodies are primarily geared to work during the day and sleep at night. A few of us are night creatures who can perform well at night and sleep during the day. But for others, this can take some getting used to. So how do you shift your body clock from day to night? Well, it takes some practice and lots of discipline. For one, treating daytime as night is the most crucial step. This means you do not go out meandering about during sunshine because that’s bedtime for you. Don’t go out with friends during “sleep time” and don’t do groceries.

5 Tips To A Great Graveyard Shift

  You can do many things to learn how to sleep during the day and work at night. There are many ways to rewire your circadian rhythm to get your body to work efficiently at night.

But here are the BEST tips:

1. Learn To Sleep During the Day

     The most important thing you need to function well at night is a healthy dose of rest and sleep. You need about six to eight hours of sleep to recharge and think well the next day. You need to relax and get some shut-eye even during the day to do this.

You can do the following to sleep during the day:

1. Use blackout drapes
2. Make your room cool and comfy
3. Drink some warm milk
4. Chamomile tea if you aren’t into milk
5. Over the counter sleep supplements
6. Shower before bed
7. Essential oils.
1. Blackout drapes
Use blackout drapes to blackout the sun. Cover your windows with blinds or heavy curtains to avoid getting distracted by the light outside. The sun wakes your brain up, so getting blackout drapes is worth it.
2. Make Your Room Cool and Comfy
Making your room as comfortable as possible is essential. You won’t get great sleep if the room is too hot and stuffy. Suppose you have a great AC, then that’s wonderful. If you don’t, just put the electric fan near you. Have fresh and clean sheets all the time. Wear comfortable clothes too. You can also invest in those breathable bed toppers that look like egg crates.
3. Warm Milk
Milk helps you sleep because it makes your brain feel relaxed and rested. Milk has Tryptophan which we need to produce melatonin and serotonin. Melatonin helps us sleep by balancing our body’s sleep cycles. Serotonin, on the other hand, helps us feel good and relaxed.
4. Chamomile Tea
For lactose intolerant, taking Chamomile tea can replace milk to get that sleepy and relaxed feeling. This can make you comfortable enough to sleep during the day.
5. Sleep Supplements
As we have talked about, you need melatonin to sleep. However, our bodies typically produce this at night from 10 PM to 4 AM. Because of that, you may opt to take sleep supplements that contain melatonin. Just don’t forget to ask a doctor about it. Your company doctor in the call center can help you with the right sleep supplement.
6. Shower Before Bed
Showering before bed helps you to fall asleep. If you feel clean, you will feel relaxed. Taking a hot shower can relax your muscles and improve your sleep.
7. Essential oils
Lavender is well known to promote sleepiness and relaxation. Lemon helps clear your mind. Eucalyptus enables you to breathe better. All of this can help you sleep better and feel relaxed. 

Remember that if you get enough sleep, you won’t feel tired at work.

2. Stay Hydrated During Your Shift

  Working at night can get you dehydrated. You need to drink more water to feel energized and to clear your head.Our bodies are made of 70% water. This means your brain runs on water. So you need water to think and work. Keeping yourself hydrated means drinking water and not juices or soda. Also, don’t drown in coffee. Too much coffee will not be suitable for you.

3. Don’t Drink Too Much Coffee

Drinking too much coffee can backfire on you. If you drink too much of it, you can get anxious and agitated at work, and you may not be able to sleep after your shift. You should only drink coffee as you wake up and another cup during your lunch break. Your last cup should be taken eight hours before your bedtime, as coffee stays in your body for seven hours or so. You need to sleep after your shift, so not too much coffee.

4. Stretch And Walk

BPO work is desk work. Deskwork means you will be sitting at your desk for several hours. This can lead to body pain. Also, if you don’t exercise, it will be harder for you to sleep. Our bodies need exercise to regulate our sleep cycles.So you can try to walk around the office or walk a bit after your shift.

5. Get Your Family’s Cooperation

Getting your family’s cooperation is the most important thing you need to have to work well at night and sleep by day. Tell them you need to rest and that you need your energy for work at night.
Communicate with them that you can’t do chores or play with the kids or the dogs during your sleep time. Lock your room to avoid getting disturbed. You deserve to get a decent day’s sleep.

You Can Do It.

Aside from these tips, it is also good to note that your willingness to work at night can propel you to succeed. Many have done it; you can do it too. Just remember to stay healthy. Eat healthily and avoid too many sweets and junk food. Don’t drink too much after shift on your workdays. Alcohol may make you drowsy, but it leads to insufficient sleep. Why? Because it dehydrates you. Eat breakfast even at night, before your shift. Don’t eat a heavy meal before sleeping. Just remember to take care of yourself and have the spirit to survive. And yes, you can manage the graveyard shift. If you want to work in a happy and healthy workplace, join us at Metacom.

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