Call Centers on Post-COVID Times

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Is the pandemic over? Nobody knows but we can safely say that it is reaching its end. Nowadays different businesses are starting to get back on its feet. Call Centers or BPO companies are no exception. Here are some of the best practices that call centers should definitely consider during the post-COVID times.

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Make changes to the different business processes and operate in accordance with demands.

Hiring additional agents to fill up empty seats in your company might not be the best approach. This is because many professionals that are potential new hires are still considering the work from home the best option. This is because even if the Pandemic is almost over, You can still get infected and the danger level is very minimal but not 0%.

Unfortunately, the work from home (WFH) setup will also not be enough to address the issues that businesses are facing these days. Developing a successful hybrid work setup is one of the best methods to handle the issue. This will focus on productivity, flexibility, safety and employee well-being. With the implementation of this hybrid work setup, there is no doubt that the call centers can effectively attain the right balance of work efficiency and employee well being.

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Corporate Communication thru different social media platforms.

The days where social media was just a simple tool to connect with everyone and share funny memes and videos is over. Social media has the potential to become a gateway for effective communication between companies as well as possible future employees. Hence, in this post-pandemic era, Call centers must place greater emphasis on their social media presence in different platforms. This is so they can measure the popularity of their business which equates to the overall reach and engagements. This will translate to the number and quality of the applicants they will receive and process. The power of your BPO company’s social media presence will definitely be on another level if you add your company’s personal touch.

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Using different Social Media platforms for gathering feedback.

Call centers have been very efficient in measuring different Key Performance Indicators or KPIs as well as rating customer engagements via surveys. However, other social media platforms aren’t majorly used by call centers . In fact, most call centers would normally focus on the predominant social media platform Facebook. This is something that call centers definitely have to look into. With the use other social media platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, Instagram and others, It is now possible to acquire feedback from a wider range of our customers. 

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Talent comes first, Location comes second.

With the rise of more hybrid working setups, most companies have become flexible when it comes to acquiring fresh talent. They are now able to tap into a wider applicant pool in search of talent that is available to work via remote. With the increase in communication infrastructure, Remote areas are now getting better internet connection. It is possible for a company to maintain a competitive edge against others by bringing in qualified and professional employees from all around the Philippines. So, in the post-pandemic era, looking for talent anywhere across the archipelago should take precedence over choosing talents from nearby areas.