How to apply in the BPO industry? BPO Career Tips: A Job Seeker’s Guide to a BPO Company Interview

How to apply in the BPO industry? BPO Career Tips: A Job Seeker’s Guide to a BPO Company Interview

Are you planning to apply to a BPO company for the first time? Or is it that you are aiming for a new BPO job? 

If you want to increase your chances of being hired, it is best to be ready, especially when it comes to job interview questions and answers. 

Since there are many BPO benefits in terms of economic or personal growth, working for a BPO business is perhaps the finest thing you can do for your career.

We’ll provide you with a short interview guide in this article to help you get through your interview and come out with a job offer.

1. The old, “Tell us something about yourself” question. 

Even though this question is among the most popular job interview tips, it never fails to surprise most interviewees. You may feel as if you’re on a blind date, searching for answers in the dark. The key is to tell the interviewer what’s not in your resume. Now is the time to say what drives you and what you do for fun. You get bonus points if your hobbies also contribute to the job you are applying for.

2. Why should we hire you? 

Aside from “Tell me something about yourself,” the interview question “Why should we hire you?” is also popular. Before your interviewer catches you off guard with this question, you might as well beat him to it. Plan your answer in advance, and the only way you can do that is by reviewing the job description. When you are confident that you can meet and exceed the expectations of the company, trust that you are in good hands. 

3. What are your strengths? 

If you are a fresh graduate, refer to your projects in school or your thesis. Think of the right words to use that will get their attention – words that will make them think that they really do need you in their company. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you patient?
  • Are you proactive?
  • Can you multitask or are you fluent in English?
  • Do you get along well with your peers or customers?
4. How do you rate your communication skills? 

It is not enough to simply believe in yourself and give yourself a 10/10 fluency score; you must also be able to walk the walk. Be knowledgeable about current issues or advocacy causes. Practice in advance as much as you can. If it helps, talk to yourself in front of the mirror. It is not just about fluency but also your ability to comprehend the question and the topic.

5. What do you know about BPOs? 

The worst thing you could possibly say is the way-too-cliche keyword “call centers.”

One of the keys to answering this kind of question is to always think ahead and plan in advance. Don’t let common job interview questions intimidate you from getting that job. Whether it’s BPO interview questions or other job seeker concerns, we’ve got you covered.