Working for a Call Center is a great start for College Graduates. Here’s 3 reasons why!

                           To start off, I really don’t know where the negative connotations of working in a call center come from. They say it is a dead end job with average compensation and to top it off they say the working environment is so toxic that it makes call center employees leave within a few months. These misconceptions are so blown out of proportion that it might disinterest a number of college graduates from trying out BPO work altogether. Here are three reasons why working for a Call Center is a great start for College Graduates and even career shifters.

1. The Compensation is above average compared to other entry level jobs.

The average minimum wage in NCR is between 533.00 – 570.00 pesos. This is for most entry level jobs like service crews, grocery attendants, hotel workers and manual labor like carpenters, constructions workers etc. Entry level call center jobs will normally offer between 18000 – 27000 pesos monthly salary. This would mean that a college graduate that gets a minimum offer of 18000 is getting 900 pesos a day.

Almost 40% more than the minimum wage in NCR. Not only that, Call Center companies are very generous when it comes to other benefits. On top of the above average monthly salary they also provide awesome benefits like HMO for you and family members, Transportation allowance, Food allowance, Clothing allowance and many more although it may differ depending on the company.


It may be worth mentioning that the minimum wage in NCR is the highest minimum wage in the country, Other regions in the Philippines have lower minimum wage for their workers. Let that sink in.

2.  The work is super easy once you get the hang of it!

To work in a call center what you need is basic oral and written English skills and that is it. Call Centers would normally hire College Graduates without work experience as long they have their basic English Communication skills because most BPO companies will spend considerable time in training their new employees before they start taking live calls.

This is because they are very particular with the customer service experience of their clients as this reflects on the quality of their work as a BPO and it helps them get more clients. The longer the training period the more time you have to familiarize yourself with the tools and resources you will be using for your daily tasks. Also since your daily tasks would more or less be the same during your tenure with the company the longer you work there the daily tasks becomes super easy for you it becomes borderline boring.

3.  Work – Life Balance is possible when working for a Call Center.

You start your shift by taking in calls, then there are times you go to meetings to discuss your performance and other work related stuff then you go back to taking in calls. Once your shift ends the work is done! Working in a call center means you do not have to take your work with you when you go home. You have enough time to pursue your passion, do hobbies or just relax and get ready for the next working day!